Steve’s Bio

“My belief about my profession is that it’s built for fiduciaries…not to sell to people products.  That’s why I created Goldbloom Wealth Management: to do the right thing for clients, to make sure their assets are available for use in whatever ways suit their own values.  There are enough people out there looking to line their pockets with other peoples’ money; I figured if I could make a good living doing the right thing and helping people KEEP their money, then why wouldn’t I follow that path?”     

Steve Goldbloom, Trusted Advisor


Steve Goldbloom, Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) is CEO & Trusted Advisor at Goldbloom Wealth Management, LLC, a WA State Registered Investment Advisory. He graduated from Babson College with a B.S. degree with concentration in Finance in 1980.

After spending 20+ years as a front  runner in the Domestic and International Barter & Trade industry, Steve became a father.  From a need to be closer to home to raise his children, a desire to stay in financial services, and a mission to offer retirees a better option for responsible financial services, AGT Tax & Insurance Services West was born.

Through AGT, Steve has been in the insurance and financial services industry, helping retirees and those who are about to retire keep their money safe since 2005.

Through Goldbloom Wealth Management LLC (GWM), a WA State Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA), Steve is also able to offer wealth management with many services including professionally managed investment portfolios for qualified clients.  Steve and GWM, as an RIA are held to a Fiduciary Standard which means 100% transparency with clients, no hidden fees and acting solely in the best interest of the client, using the client’s goals as the sole priority in serving them.

“Wealth Preservation Through Generations to Come”

Phone: 206.528.2001 |

Bellevue Office (mailing) | 2821 Northup Way Suite 120 | Bellevue, WA 98004

Renton Office | 451 SW 10th Street Suite 105 | Renton, WA 98057


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